Want More Beautiful Skin? Learn How to Use Retin-A

The phrase, “50 is the new 40” usually refers to the fact that most people are now far healthier and more vigorous than previous generations. It also pays tribute to the millions of women who stay beautiful well into middle age and beyond. Although some owe their good looks to plastic surgery, millions have simply learned How to use retin-a. It is a skin care product that can seem to turn back the clock on aging skin when used properly. Retin-A is also popular because it is well tolerated by most users.

The Principle Behind Retin-A

When doctors prescribe a wrinkle reducing product it is often in the form of Retin-A Tretinoin cream, a form of vitamin A. The cream is commonly prescribed for acne sufferers but it also refreshes skin and minimizes wrinkles. With routine use it will actually appear to reverse signs of aging. The ingredients work by regrowing and quickly healing skin. They encourage skin cells to grow and regenerate quickly. The cream also lightens skin, builds collagen and can even decrease the risk for skin cancer.

It Is Important to Use the Cream Correctly

Because Retin-A Tretinoin is so powerful, it needs to be used carefully and correctly. Doctors advise patients to apply it at bedtime and never wear it during the day. The cream cannot be used with acid products like glycolic acid, vitamin C or salicylic acid. Retin-A Tretinoin should be applied at least 30 minutes after other skin products. Doctors suggest beginning with a small, pearl-sized amount and applying it to the face and neck. At first it should be applied about every 3rd day, but once skin adjusts to it, daily use is fine for most women.

Soothing Products Reduce Possible Irritation

While most women tolerate the cream well, it can irritate some skin. That is especially true when skin has already been irritated by sunburn, other products, the wind or cosmetic procedures. Fortunately anti-inflammatory such as Replenix CF Cream or Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy help soothe the skin.

Millions of women now owe their apparently ageless skin to Retin-A cream. When used correctly it can minimize wrinkles and create generally healthier, brighter skin.