Informing Patients of the Magnitude of Organ Donation and How Liver Donation Works

Lahey Hospital has enacted streamlined systems for helping as many people as possible through a dedicated and incredible staff of amazing people. Every day, it seems, the staff solves staggering problems. But, the daily part of working at Lahey Hospital is offering clear information for individuals facing painful obstacles.

Liver Transplants

One of these areas is in liver transplant. It is a struggle for nurses to explain the details of the organ list, but the staff does it with dedication, clarity, and respect for the patients that go largely undeclared. The leaders know how challenging this can be, and acknowledge an incredible job by all. It is not easy or fun, by any means, but the liver transplant list is a guide to saving lives. The below is an understanding of how the liver transplant list works and what patients can expect.

End-Stage Questions

The current donation list works off something called the model of end-stage liver disease. It essentially states the probability that a patient will die within a three-month time frame based on national data and blood tests. A score of 40 would dictate that there is a high probability, somewhere in the span of a 95% chance. A low score, close to a zero, would dictate a very low probability. There is no 0% chance recorded in the model, as the lowest score is about a 6 which equates to around 1%.

The above may be hard to take in, but it is a very real system for determining the most eligible individuals for a liver donation. The fact is that there are not enough livers to go around. The donation is heroic and incredible. The team at Lahey Hospital supports all individuals who want to pursue a donation or become an organ donor upon their death.

As the above has proven, the system is fair but not perfect. It can’t save everyone, but it can offer a practical look at how liver donation works. Facebook has been a great guide for patients. Visit the official Lahey Hospital Facebook page at it covers many topics in medicine and can be the introduction to a healthier life.