An Implant Bridge Will Help Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and cause an individual to cover their mouth when they talk or smile. Food can become lodged between the teeth as they begin to shift and properly chewing food can cause jaw pain. Replacing several missing teeth used to require the use of a bridge that had its own downfalls because food got stuck between the bridge and the roof or gums. A traditional bridge was hard to care for and often required the existing teeth to be ground down to a nub. The bone structure of the surrounding teeth was often affected and was not long lasting or cost effective.

Thanks to the latest technology in dental care. An Implant bridge can replace missing teeth without all of the problems of a traditional bridge. They are incredibly durable and are constructed with dental implants and crowns. A dental implant requires a titanium post to be inserted into the gum and jawbone. After it has healed, a permanent crown is attached to the post. A bridge using this technology can span over the space where several teeth are missing. Two implant posts would be inserted and replacement teeth would span the gap. The bridge is very natural in appearance and the eating surface is much better than traditional bridges.

A bridge that’s supported by implants permits an individual to clean the area between the gum and teeth. They can use a small brush or dental floss. These types of bridges are more comfortable than a traditional bridge that rested on the gums and caused irritation. The bridge can be cared for in the same way as natural teeth. The condition of the jawbone will be the determining factor for which type of bridge will work best for a patient. The gums must also be in very good shape to help hold it. The crowns that are put on the bridge are made of porcelain and will last for many years to come.

If you’re tired of having a gap in your teeth, visit an experienced dentist to find out more about how the latest technology can enhance your smile.